Louvor em inglês!

At our church, Igreja da Lapa, the highest value is worship. White hot worship that honors God, glorifies Jesus and brings man into relationship with his Creator.

While it’s true that each moment of our life is an opportunity to worship, we also recognize that gathering together as believers to worship God is an unparalleled time and the pinnacle of our week. We gather as the family of God and declare together that Jesus is worthy of our praise.

Our desire is to see more and more people in our city gather to worship God in spirit and in truth and because of that, we recognize the need to offer an English speaking worship service to our community.

So what does this mean, to offer an English speaking worship service?

We want to highlight 3 things: Authentic Worship, Biblical Preaching and Deep Community:

Authentic Worship: The Bible teaches us to gather regularly, sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, to encourage each other and to dive deep into God’s Word.

Biblical Preaching: God’s Word is the central part of our service and each time we gather to hear the Word we open our hearts and minds to God’s purposes for our lives.

Deep Community: Loving God and loving others. It’s the greatest commandment and one of the greatest blessings as we serve one another and do life together!

So join us as we worship God together; whether you are an English speaker who would love to worship in your heart language or someone who appreciates the English language and wants to check out what church is all about. We welcome you to join us on this incredible journey.

See you at Lapa!

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